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"I translate a combination of media sensory overload and a life time of experiences into my own unique brand.”


It’s difficult to place my art into any, one specific genre or artistic category. I use this as an asset to redefine boundaries between fine art and graphic design. Up-cycled objects are recreated into works of art. The on-going “Crate Label Series” spans several years and ranges from small digital prints to large 4’x4’ mural sized panels.


I enjoy working in a wide variety of mediums including traditional, unconventional as well as digital. Sources of inspiration include: Type and letter forms, Pop Culture, Found Objects, Swap Meets and Flea Market Finds, Toys, County Fairs, Defunct Amusement Parks, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, Movies, TV, Music and Art of all Genres, Kalifornia Kar Kulture, Funky Vintage Stuff.


I translate a combination of media sensory overload and a life time of experiences into my own unique “brand”.


Current work is a decided and conscious departure from my previous illustrative style, giving me a chance to explore more “painterly” techniques. My art tells a story often depicting relatable images from pop culture as it relates to personal experiences with a bit of irony and humor thrown in.




Originally from Southern California, I grew up in the college town of Claremont. It was there that I had the opportunity to enhance my natural abilities by attending college art courses while still in high school. I earned my AA from Citrus College in Azusa and a BA in art from Cal State Long Beach. Later, I enhanced my skills by getting digital art training at Summit Career College in Colton, CA. I went on to become an instructor at the school after graduating.


This new medium created a major transition that greatly influenced all subsequent work. The “digital tools” opened an expanded array of possibilities. This technique that makes use of the internet and photos  as reference material has developed into a process that morphs the analog with the digital.



My work has been shown in many of the local Las Vegas galleries and venues as well as in Southern California including:


BIGGS Studio, PLACE Gallery, LVAG, City of the World, Hell Pop, The ISI Group at The Brooklyn Bowl and ACRES Dispensary, EDEN Gallery, Blackbird Studios, Jana’s RedRoom, Las Laguna Gallery, Sound Spectrum Laguna Beach, La Luz de Jesus, Community Oasis, Random Alchemy Art Gallery, CORE Contemporary.



Take a magical trip back to the 1970's!

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